Charity in Islam

Giving charity in Islam can be as simple as smiling, helping your neighbor, feeding the poor, giving clean drinking water to those who don’t have it, giving to those in need, sharing food, giving gifts, planting trees, giving something that you don’t need to someone who does need it, etc. Charity is an obligation to all Muslims. This includes acts of kindness, being helpful and generous to others, and paying Zakat. Zakat is 2.5% of your wealth which is given as charity to those most in need every year. Muslims are also encouraged to give charity on a regular basis to those in need. After all, how can a Muslim eat in plenty and then sleep at night while his neighbor is starving? And how can a Muslim not love for his brother that which he loves for himself?

Whenever we give charity, Allah replaces what we gave with infinitely more, so do not give less thinking that you will be poor from giving. In the Holy Month of Ramadan, charity and good deeds are multiplied by 70 in reward from Allah. That is one reason why you see many Muslims giving more generously during Ramadan.

All Things Zakat: From Stocks to Livestock

 Islamic Charities in the U.S.:

There are reputable national and international Islamic charities that one can give to such as:

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief International

Life for Relief and Development


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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