Islamic American Clothing

Islamic American Clothing

When I first converted to Islam as a teenager, I was under the impression that American clothing was haram. However, I was wrong. You can easily find modest American clothing if you know what to look for. Be creative. You can find loose, long, modest clothes in a lot of department stores and add to them in order to make them modest. I wear hijab and I found that there are different ways to put muhajibah clothing together. As Americans we need to stay true to our American identity and our roots. You could always buy a long sleeve dress that is knee length and wear it with loose, modest pants, or buy a long modest loose fitting dress without sleeves and wear a light sweater over it. You could buy a loose, modest blouse that is not too short and wear it with a long skirt.

There are also online American Islamic clothing companies that I highly recommend:

Imam Suhaib Webb on wearing American Islamic Clothing:

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