Parents in Islam

Your Parents

In Islam, all Muslims are obligated to keep good relations with all of their family relations, no matter what their religion is. Parents in Islam have an elevated status, especially your mother (as Heaven lies under her feet). They raised us from a fetus until we reached adulthood. They made many sacrifices in order to give us a good life. No parents are perfect and everyone makes mistakes. However it is our job to forgive their shortcomings and treat them with the utmost respect, dignity, mercy and compassion. Even if one’s parents or other relatives cut him/her off, Islam obliges him/her to maintain good relations with them on his/her end. That could mean writing them kind letters, sending them flowers or gifts, continuing to call them (even if they hang up on him/her), and visiting them (even if they close the door in his/her face). A Muslim should never give up keeping good relations on his/her end, as it is obligatory upon him/her.

As Muslim converts, we should try to put ourselves in our parent’s shoes. It is very difficult for parents to see their child choose a different religion and path in life. We should show our parents mercy and compassion and speak to them with kind words. We should never be cold or harsh to our parents. Islam was sent as a mercy to mankind and is meant to soften even the hardest of hearts. If a Muslim’s heart becomes harsh and hard, then he/she should take a step back and figure out what he/she is doing wrong. As Muslims, we should speak to and treat our parents with respect, sincerity, and compassion.

Your Mother:

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